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HireX has much of an experience providing facilities with per diem healthcare and nursing staffing services to help meet their personnel needs.

Per diem medical staffing literally means “per day” hiring and offers a fast, flexible and cost effective staffing solution for short-term specialized healthcare needs. Hiring on a per diem basis removes the hassle and commitment associated with recruiting permanent medical professionals.

The rapid securement of competent per diem medical professionals can avert last-minute clinical staff shortages by sourcing qualified staff for even hard-to-fill positions.

Per diem staffing empowers you to acquire the excellent healthcare professionals your facility requires on an “as-needed basis” however challenging the required level of medical expertise, shift or location may be.

How Per Diem Staffing Agencies Can Help You

Per diem staffing agencies offer short-term staffing solutions for healthcare providers including hospitals, clinics and convalescent facilities. Their role is to source the best healthcare professionals and ensure they are engaged in the right position at the right time to ensure a facility’s individual staffing requirements are fully met.

A per diem staffing agency offers you fast and easy access to skilled, competent and trustworthy healthcare professionals who are willing to step in at short notice and support your team in providing the highest quality of care for your patients.

Per diem nurse and healthcare staffing prevents staff shortages which could impact on your team’s performance and result in patients receiving poorer quality of care. This is an ideal solution for overcoming:

Per diem staffing offers a swift and effective answer to any short term staffing issues whilst offering the flexibility of increasing or decreasing staffing levels during rapidly changing circumstances which may be due to:

Per diem staffing also gives you an opportunity to assess how well a potential employee will fit in to your team prior to offering them a permanent job by enabling you to “try-before-you-buy” and guarantee the candidate is perfect for the role.

Why Hire Per Diem Nurses & Medical Professionals?

As a staffing solution, per diem delivers a superb range of benefits to medical facilities:

Since its inception in 2016, HireX has been quietly making a name for itself in the recruitment services sector.

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